Recruitment 2021-22

Are you a university student curious to learn more about finance?

The best way to learn is by doing.

LIS is opening its doors to those eager to learn, with over 10 position openings.

While each position has its own requirements, the main traits we look for are proactiveness and a willingness to learn.

Apply for up to four positions at the link below.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and spots are filling up fast, so make sure to send yours as soon as possible!

Why should you join LIS?

Public Relations

This team oversees the association’s partnerships, responsible for contacting and researching collaborators for projects, webinars and podcasts and ensuring successful collaborations with current partners.
The job requires:
– good knowledge of the English and Portuguese language (written and spoken) due to constant communication with local and international companies,
– highly developed soft skills such as organization and problem solving, in order to best be able to manage various clients and partners simultaneously
– creativity and communication, as two fundamental skills for this position

Human Resources
This team is responsible for organizing team building activities, workshops and training activities in general, strengthening the community and providing for a more enjoyable member experience. The job requires:
– good knowledge of the English and Portuguese language (written and spoken) along with good negotiation skills,
– good research skills, since we need to constantly find new activities and training for our members;
– initiative, a fundamental trait for success in this position, alongside good organization and planning skills.
Concluding, we seek someone who can show results, once all our members are expecting training activities.

The sales team handles partnerships between LIS and real-world companies.The job requires a proactive approach, and a well-spoken person. Negotiation skills and quick thinking are also required, since the job necessitates meetings with clients, negotiations and sales of our services. In addition, we need a person with good research abilities in order to be able to find the best sales opportunities.


Content Creator
This role is responsible for creating LIS’s content promoting events and the association, published on social media. The position requires people with creativity and attention to detail. Technical requirements are: – knowledge of video/photo edition (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Canva, etc.).

Brand Strategist
This job requires analytical and research skills, an understanding of trends and an ability to respond to customer’s and follower’s wishes. In addition, applicants need to be able to work with Microsoft office, in particular Excel, required to organize strategic and operational marketing plans, do monthly reports of all our platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Spotify and Website) and gather and analyze all the data from our published content.

Global Markets Research

M&A Analyst
The M&A department aims to use the best tools to research and evaluate different mergers and acquisitions. Starting with Due Diligence and then moving towards the technical parts of Relative Valuation and Discounted Cash Flow Model. Based on the analysis, the team concludes if it’s a win-win position for the companies involved or who ends up benefiting the most.

Cryptoassets Analyst
Bitcoin and blockchain technologies disrupted global systems around the world and ushered in a new digital asset class. Our goal is to research and analyze what are the key on-chain metrics and fundamentals that give value to this new and emerging space.

Equity Research

Equity Research Analyst
The job of an equity research analyst consists in analyzing a stock from a qualitative and quantitative perspective. An analysis consists primarily of the financial data of a company, a peers comparison, ESG factors, and the segments of activity, so that after being familiar with how the company operates, we reach its value, through a discounted cash flow model. The analysis will then be pitched to more experienced analysts from LIS and to decision makers of our client companies.

Equity Research Analyst (ESG Specialization)
The role of an equity research analyst specializing in ESG also consists in finding the intrinsic value of a stock through a Discounted cash flow model, analysing the same parameters (peers, financial data, ESG, segments of activities mainly). The only difference is that it is given more importance to the ESG factors since these stocks will be invested in a different fund: a fund with ESG friendly companies.