Global Markets Research Department

Keeping up to date with currents market events, the department frequently provides summarized reports, giving viewers a macro context of what has happened around the world. The department covers all asset classes, but gives special attention to alternative assets through through reports and case studies.

In order to provide members with a greater sense of specialization, the department is divided into 4 teams:


Bitcoin and blockchain technologies disrupted global systems around the world and ushered in a new digital asset class. Our goal is to research and analyze what are the key on-chain metrics and fundamentals that give value to this new and emerging space.

Real Estate

This newly created team will focus on market research and case studies (mock asset analysis) to deepen their knowledge of this alternative category of investments, while supported by the training provided by companies in the industry.

Fixed Income

Debt represents the other façade of stake on a company. Unlike shareholders, debtholders strive to simply get their money back, plus some interest to cover their risk. We analyze the probability of companies being able to pay back their loans, by researching the company and the industry.

Portfolio Management

Hand-picked top researchers from LIS create simulated portolios, based on investment propositions and ideas, to beat the market, and prove their worth as financial analysts in the real world.

Department Publications

The GMR department aims to add value to each member, by giving them a chance to work in a field they like, increasing their know how and networking in a environment full of promising and successful students. The subjects presented by each team will contribute to LIS goals and to build a more dense share of powerful information.

José Patrício, Head of Global Markets Research