Equity Research Department

The department provides researches and values public companies for clients and partners. Focusing on several economic sectors, we emphasize the qualitative side of a company while using quantitative methods to back up their perspectives.

Internally, our team is divided in focus-groups, producing and pitching research that spans their specific topics, in order to maximize output and enable students to broaden their knowledge in specialized fields.

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In the Luxury sector, we analyze companies that manufacture apparel merchandise, footwear, accessories and appliances, and customer-tailored experiences such as LVMH, Kering, Farfetch, Mytheresa and Booking.
The sector analyzes companies that sell goods and services in electronics, software computers, AI and other IT-related (e.g Alibaba, Lenovo, Cisco etc).
In the Energy sector we analyze companies that produce or supply energy such as fossil fuels or renewables (e.g. Clearway Energy, Sociedad Química y Minería de Chile and NextEra Energy etc.)
Nowadays ESG has taken big importance on investment strategies and many investors prefer to buy stocks from companies that have good ESG due to its observed profitability advantages. In this department we analyze said advantages based on companies ESG.
The sector analyzes companies that research, develop, produce and distribute medication and medical treatment (e.g. AstraZeneca, Roche, Medtronics etc.).
In the CS&R sector we analyze companies that are involved with food production, packaged goods, clothing, beverages, automobiles, and electronics (e.g. Tyson, Sonae, Hormel etc). Such products are intended for individual use and enjoyment.
In Financials, we analyze companies that provide financial services to people and corporations, such as Mastercard, JP Morgan and PayPal.

The department’s goal is to develop the financial hard skills of our members by analyzing companies, quantitatively and qualitatively, and using pricing models. Through practical application, our members are able to receive constant feedback, facilitating the learning process. As we gain real experience as financial analysts, this department prepares our members for the labor market, and in particular entry level jobs in finance. “

Pedro Aires, Head of Equity Research