About Us



A central part of our mission is focused on aiding our members in achieving their professional goals. Through specialized training and engaging activities, each member gets the opportunity to grow into their goals.



Like with any contemporary organization, a global perspective gives our work an edge, resulting in output that is well-rounded, comprehensive, inclusive and internationally relevant.


Researches Pitched

We pride ourselves on our success with the timely execution of tasks, producing output that is relevant to our partners and our audience. Projects include publications, podcasts, analyses for clients

Founded in 2016, the Lisbon Investment Society’s main goals have been to encourage students to develop an interest in finance and activities that enhance their overall skills, building stronger and closer relations between themselves and important financial institutions. 

The Society strives to create the highest quality of financial content for students and professionals, through its wide multicultural base of members. Across its four departments it enables members to explore various areas under the wide scope of investment and finance.

Each member develops valuable and practical skills for their future professional careers. Additionally, the Society produces equity research reports on companies across various sectors and industries. LIS’ portfolio is complemented by market summaries, newsletters, yearly outlooks, and most recently “Crunch the Numbers”, our podcast featuring notable financial experts and academics.


Provide our members with direct contact with several financial companies within the industry, in a cooperative environment where they apply the best practical methods in order for them to thrive in any work environment.


We aim to create an internationally recognizable brand, a testament of quality of our members and alumni, while being a go-to platform to inform and educate yourself and others about everything finance related.


We pride ourselves on working according to our most important values: ethics, critical thinking, and drive.


Provides researches and values public companies for clients and partners. Focusing on several economic sectors, the department emphasizes the qualitative side of a company while using quantitative methods to back up their perspectives.
Keeping up to date with currents market events, the department frequently provides summarized reports, giving viewers a macro context of what has happened around the world. The department covers all asset classes, but gives special atention to Alternative assets through through reports and case studies
Promotes key activities and executes marketing strategies in place, responsible for content creation and audience interaction. Using latest market methods to publish the best content, the department focuses on creative processes, social media, analytics, and editing.
Responsible for maintaining and acquiring new partnerships, expanding the association’s network, performing a key role in revenue generation. The department also actively creates and develops organizational culture through the processes of recruitment, integration, and training and development.